License Reinstatements For Those That Live Out Of State

Illinois Hold on your Driver's License

Does Illinois have a hold on your out-of-state license for a DUI? Have you tried to have the hold lifted, only to be denied? Even with an out-of-state DUI conviction, Illinois will revoke your license and stop you from obtaining a new license out-of-state. If you want to drive again you must still deal with the State of Illinois to remove the hold on your license. At the Law Offices of Jack L. Zaremba, our firm frequently helps out-of-state residents remove the hold on their Illinois driver's license through an administrative hearing. Our experienced out-of-state reinstatement lawyer will help you clear your license and get you back to your life.

Out-Of-State Packet vs. In State Hearing

It is our practice to recommend clients appear in person with us at a formal in state administrative hearing and complete their evaluation in Illinois to remove the hold on their license. Although the State of Illinois allows you to submit an out-of-state packet to remove the hold on your license, in our experience, new clients report that they have been previously denied while attempting this method. One reason is that Illinois requirements are very specific and most out-of-state treatment providers are unaware of those requirements. Further, the out-of-state packet is not as comprehensive at presenting your case as the in state hearing and therefore less effective. It is incorrect to assume that you will be denied a clearance on your first appearance. In fact, based on our experience, there should be no reason why you are not given a clearance on your very first administrative hearing with the assistance of our firm.

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